Opening play store to download apps

There are several scenarios when you find that Google Play Store is not opening. Even when everything is apt at your end, this is noticed so many times and there comes the need to put little more efforts so that Play Store can be easily opened. You can fix the problem by using below mentioned remedies. The solutions mentioned here are helpful when you cannot download or install games or failed to install anything from Google Play Store. The scenarios where you come across constant failures and cannot download your favorite music, TV shows, movies and some other content via Play Store, may be the solutions work for you.

Suppose you find that Google Apps Store is not opening or loading successfully or cause threat once it is opened or you find that app as well as downloads get badly stuck and download unable to get over then also you can try the way outs quickly.

On the contrary, if you find that there is problem with application which is already downloaded to the device, then in that scenario, you are recommended to quickly contact the app developer for seeking required help and guidance. In case, any of the app failed to work on the device, you may get into contact with the device manufacturer for seeking help and support.

Now, getting back to some of the solutions that may prove best for you in case of complications where you are can’t open Play Store are as follows:

  1. Step one

Give a check to the Wi-Fi Connection or strong mobile data connectivity.

It is worth to give a check to the internet connection you are using in your place. May be the internet connectivity is not as strong as it should be. Besides everything else, it is best to connect with Wi-Fi network. Suppose, you do not have Wi-Fi connection, then you can choose some strong mobile data connection. Till you are using some internet connection, ensure for downloading the Wi-Fi once again. Still, if the problem failed to come to an end, then you have no other option except to connect with Android devices.

  1. Step two

Make an attempt to clear the cache as well as data about the Play Store

Usually clearing the cache and data of the play store is always suggested. Once the removal of cache and data of Play Store is done, you can make a quick fresh and start fixing the issues quickly. To do this, follow the aforesaid steps:

  • First of all open the device Settings app by clicking Settings.
  • After you open the device through Settings option, scroll down as well as tap the Google Play Store.
  • Make sure for tapping the Storage and start clearing the cache files.
  • Once cache files are cleared, tap clear data.
  • After clearing the cache data, quickly, open the Play Store and start the download process again.
  1. Step three

Restart your device

Even after making the attempt of clearing the cache files as well as data about Play Store, nothing happens then you can try to restart the device. To do this, go through few simple steps:

  • Press as well as hold Power Button till menu pops up.
  • Tap the Power of and again start there is an option available.
  • Lastly, end up the process by clicking OK for confirmation.
  • If you feel the need, you can press and hold Power button until and unless device turns on once again.

Check out the causes for Google Play Store not opening

You can check the storage space. If space is not appropriate then you will notice that downloading and installation of the application suddenly stops. A message will also pop up on the screen denoting that space is less than 500 MB.

Check SD card

SD cards may cause severe issues if not, set up appropriately. If your device is using SD card, then reject or you may also try to reject the SD card which you have inserted.

The above mentioned way outs is not possible work all the time, there are many situations were opening Google Play Store is not possible. However, you can seek several things to make sure about the possibilities and ways to solve when trouble persists. Here are some of the recommended things you can go for:

  • You might not be using the latest edition of Google Play Store. If you are aware of this then it is fine and if not then following step is suggested.
  • Open Google App Store >> Settings >> find build number, this will let you know the about edition which you are utilizing.
  • Try to enable unknown sources available in the settings. Unknown sources form the major part of Android devices and when they get disabled, they create a trouble for the user to install the application in the smooth way. To do this, Click Device settings >> Go to Security >> Get Unknown source option>> Press OK and this will install the APK.

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